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Ridge Drilling realizes the drilling needs for our clients are never the same for any two projects. There are always somethings that can be tweaked to work more efficiently. The guys at the shop are constantly prepared to meet the challenge of any project. With the experience of our certified welder/fabricator and mechanic we can practically build and maintain anything to get the job done, while staying within ASTM standards. If your drilling needs call for tight access or indoor drilling we can offer a wide variety of custom rigs that will get the data you need. We have a Tri-Pod Rig with adjustable derricks, hydraulic & gas powered cat-heads, 140 LB donut hammers for overhead clearance. This is ideal for indoor applications, steep slopes, extremely limited access and swamp like conditions. We also have a variety of mini-track mounted rigs that have a 32" width clearance and can be broken down further if need be.