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     “We deliver high quality and efficient drilling by combining a safety system, experienced crews, and top of the line rigs that will exceed any client’s expectations.”

Ridge Drilling was founded in January 2009 by Ryan Etheridge with work beginning on October 6th of that same year. Sinkhole investigations (SPT Sampling) were the focus of initial company operations. The addition of Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling divisions allowed us to offer a wide variety of additional services. The company rapidly expanded and purchased several new rigs.  Ridge Drilling has grown into 10 rigs with 13 support vehicles, a 10 acre facility, with a fully functioning metal fabrication and mechanic shop.  


Ridge Drilling has experienced growth offering a wide variety of drilling services.  In 2010 Ridge Drilling added a Water Well Division.  The company has installed water wells all over the state of Florida.  The company then added a Pulstar P12000 Water Well Pump Hoist and secured contracts with several Florida Counties servicing all the water wells and pumping systems.  There are 3 certified Franklin Electric Water Well Technicians, and one of the only female water well technicians in the state of Florida being among them.  The Ridge Drilling client list has over 50 satisfied partners and firms.  In 2017, Ridge Drilling purchased a new GeoProbe 7822DT Direct Push Technology Drill Rig and now services the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Petroleum Restoration Program and Dry Cleaning Contamination Sites. 


The staff consists of highly motivated people that are up to the challenge and ready to tackle any type of drilling situation. They are Ryan Etheridge (President, Drilling License # 9467), Terry Compton (Lead Driller), Danielle Etheridge (Office Manager) , Cody Kemp (Shop Foreman) and Mike Peterson (Safety Manager/Client Relations). Ridge Drilling has 8 drillers on staff, 9 driller helpers, 1 welder/fabricator, and 2 mechanics. With over 50 years combined experience drilling in the southeast United States and extensively in Florida, we have the confidence and ability to complete any drilling project. 


We offer several small footprint rigs ranging in width from 32.5" to 48" for easy access to back yards thru gates, covered areas, and even inside buildings and houses.  Ridge Drilling is also one of the only firms in Florida to offer a tripod drill rig which can be set up in almost any situation and run by hydraulics remotely.  All repairs, modifications, and new builds are designed and completed in house by our own fully functioning fabrication shop.